Contributed videos

The Scientific Committee voted on the basis of scientific and didactical qualities reflected by the presentations as well as their adequation to the topics of LIKE22 and their timing. Several members pointed out the high-standard of presentations overall. The LIKE22 Organisation Committee extend its congratulations to our two awardees, Iain Henderson (Graduate student level) and Pierre-Cyril Aubin-Frankowski (Postdoc level), as well as to all the other early-stage video contributors.

To watch a video, click on the corresponding contribution.

Contributions at the Graduate student level

**Awardee:** Iain Henderson (INSA Toulouse): Stochastic Processes Under Linear Differential Constraints : Application to Gaussian Process Regression for the 3 Dimensional Free Space Wave Equation

The other contributions are listed here in alphabetical order.

Raul Astudillo (Cornell University): Bayesian Optimization of Function Networks
Luc Brogat-Motte (Télécom Paris): Reduced-rank Regression in Structured Prediction
Zachary A. Cosenza (University of California): Design of Cell Culture Media with Multi-Information Source Bayesian Optimization
Ziang Niu (University of Pennsylvania): Discrepancy-based Inference for Intractable Generative Models using Quasi-Monte Carlo
Manuel Schürch (IDSIA/USI): Correlated Product of Experts for Sparse Gaussian Process Regression [Reference]

Postdoc level

**Awardee:** Pierre-Cyril Aubin-Frankowski (INRIA Paris): Handling infinitely many inequality constraints in function optimization problems using kernel methods

The other contributions are listed here in alphabetical order.

Linda Chamakh (polytechnique): Explicit Mean-Embeddings for Financial Portfolio
Jean Carlo Guella (UNICAMP): Recent theoretical results on MMD, Energy distance, HSIC and its generalizations

Call for submission of contributed videos

LIKE22 calls for short contributions by early-career researchers (at both graduate student and postdoc levels) in form of short videos.

Contributed video presentations of maximum 5 minutes should be submitted in MP4 or MOV format to until December 17th extended to December 21st 23:59 anytime on earth.

There will be dedicated time during the event to broadcast selected contributions and also to have a Question and Answer session with finalists competing for prizes awarded by the Scientific Committee. 500 Swiss Francs will be awarded for the top-ranked video in each category (graduate student and postdoc level, respectively).

Note that a short summary possibly including a few selected references can be provided via the abstract field of the submission website. When provided, the additional material will be available in the video description.